Catch up in the Print Room … blame it on the weather.

The last three months have been ‘different’ not difficult , although at times I did wonder ‘What am I doing?’ or Where am I going? While, I try not to blame my condition or the weather, I do consider the season and the moon before I think that ‘life’ is difficult, being cruel or that I am crazy.

November last year as the days got shorter and low light levels meant I could no longer work in my print room for more than 2 or 3 hours.  I had to think of constructive was to fill my day.  I began walking daily and still do; but that wasn’t entirely the answer when at 3.30 it was dark and I had the energy of a caged thing.

However, I did find working with textiles instead of engraving tools, paper and ink more conducive to the time of year when I should perhaps be hibernating.

It has proved productive too!  After what might have been a long miserable winter I have lovely portfolio to show this Spring until Autumn and I have walked from the London Barrier to Richmond on the Thames walk.  While so far that is only 30 miles I did need to practice and will do that daily.

So,   while this little thing might not be shown yet, it is a an example of what can be done with a frame loom, string and wrapping ribbon.  It is part of a theme I have also been working on for the past months ‘their eyes were watching god’ I will tell you about next time.


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