New Term …

Although, I have been working in my printroom daily since I retired earlier this year, I have not posted much to my blog.  Instagram proved to be a better place at the time for spontaneity. However, since taking a month’s holiday I have decided both sites have a use and I will try and post regularly to my blog as it does allow for a more balanced narrative.  As artists we know that life is not all about the result and that shown on Instagram.  For me and most others the preparation or even the initial thought that often bears no resemblance to the finished work is vital.

None less than this rather larger block of end-of-grain wood, I say larger, because it is considerably bigger at 7×9 cms than those I usually use.  It has stayed in it’s box for several weeks, as I could not bear to damage it’s perfect surface.    

However, events that marked the end of summer and the beginning of term brought an opportunity to make a move or at least do some drawings.  Next month, at Badger Press there is going to be a wood engraving master class with Kate Dicker, a wonderful opportunity to work with a great artist.  

I have done some drawings and they need  some fine tuning before being committed to the wood face and engraved.  However, it is the first sketch I will use while working on the wood as those first delicate lines that came as I put pencil to paper just a few days ago … are the best!

Like I say it is the journey even when it becomes arduous and rocky that is more exciting than the result.


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