More time …

I have been retired a few days, and already it seems a lifetime; doing things I have not done in months (if ever). Allowing, myself to do things more carefully; things like pegging out the washing; that has been scrubbed to the to Nth degree, watering the garden, speaking to the plants like old friends (and many are) and welcoming the new growth and still finding sycamore seedlings  and bidding them farewell.  All that between teatime one and teatime two!  

Being in the studio daily has been a delight; until now I was only able to do printmaking on Mondays; although I could do preparatory work and other arty things in the evening, but that proved difficult during the winter without natural light.  The weekly delay was ok as I use oil based ink that takes an age to dry; so  the week between was useful.  

So, with this new found time, I am able to practice with different paper, inks and even driers and have a running process to find my style and just have fun.  The only issue is hanging space but is a detail I can live with.  

My Adana hasn’t yet exhausted her possibilities; it is enough to say these first few days; slowing down, spending more time being mindful of the practice has already brought new life and vigor to my work long may it last.  


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