Catch up … in the print-room and elsewhere …

Gelli prints Work in progress

These last 4 days have been busy and wonderfully creative.  Friday, began with a poetry workshop; while it was not for beginners as I perhaps hoped; I was catapulted into nice place where I might move forward. I will not set the literary world alight; but  I will be able to use my words in my work comfortably and without shame.

Saturday, I opened the Yellow Teapot Cafe with my friends to welcome some passers-by with tea, cake and a little embroidery.  Before that I had my picture taken at a photography drop-in; while I didn’t feel comfortable at first … the result was pretty nice.  

Sunday, I spent in the garden and paid a visit to the garden centre.  I have a lovely walled garden that is a constant joy; but it does take time and titivating at this time of year.  So while it is not warm enough to sit around and enjoy it … being busy proved productive.

Monday, the rain kept me indoors but I was able to do some serious printing and then play after lunch.  I am working on a piece that I hope to submit to an event at the University to celebrate 100 years since the setting up of the Hogarth Press.  I am combining some lino cuts with letter press; it is in very early stages yet; but so far it is pleasing.  

A week or so back I came across a Gelli plate; as printmaker it is a play thing using water-based inks and simple tools. In minutes on the kitchen table I was able to produce a heap of colourful scraps and was able to clear away like grease lightening.  

I returned to work this morning feeling very pleased with myself.


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