Some questions ….


Season’s Greetings!

I have been playing in my print room over the holidays; with mixed results and would like some advice. 

First how do I deal with tubes of ink that refuse to squeeze; until it finally breaks through the bottom seal?  This particular tube is about two years old; although I haven’t used this one lately the others have all been fine.  I believed that tubes as I began printing were best for me but it looks as if tins would be would be better.  Meanwhile, are some inks more stubborn than others? Do they get old? Is is cold a problem? I would value any thoughts.  

Then, there is another question about printing on both sides of a page.  I tried this for a ‘fortune-teller’ I saw one at the Small Publishers’ Fair.  As it was only experiment I didn’t use too much ink and perhaps didn’t leave the first side to dry thoroughly before I printed the obverse side   Nonetheless, I did find a shadow of  ink did come off the other side on the protective sheet … is this an occupational hazard or do I have to wait an age between printing each side?

However, aside the difficulties describes all was well and the results less of a happy accident … more a calculated surprise .. that I can work on in the next few weeks


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