Good news from the print room …

On Saturday, I had good intentions to write a blog post telling you about highs and lows of the previous week and the joys or not of the weekend.  Somehow,  it looked like same old same old; me telling you of the disorders, failing and the disrepair, then me scrabbling in the edits to selvage some scraps of good fortune …  a feeble reconciliation of mediocre.

No harm I suppose yet not entirely honest!

Looking back its seems that the good fortunes  out weighed the rubbish by far.  During the week I successfully screen printed some banners on fabric for my stall at an Art Market on Sunday. Also, I was able to do some editions of a 3 colour letterpress work that I had been struggling with the previous week.  So from a place of failure I am now in a position to complete the work early in the new year.  

So not only did I participate in an art market with a new catalogue of work; I attended another; a Christmas art market, wonderful annual event at Jackson’s Corner here in Reading where lots of local artists produce works for the festive market.  However, more important I visited two local contemporary art exhibitions; one in the Engine Room called Unfinished Conversations and the other curated by Jo Morton at the Rising Sun Art Centre called Icy:rus II.

So lots of wonderful experiences and my selling nearly all my stock; what is not to celebrate … ?

Then there is Alopecia Universalis which means I am bald ; six months in and the above mentioned joys have lightened the load and therefore a just tiny part of my fantastic being.


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