The Adana in the pear tree!


It has been I while since I have posted about my journey with an Adana 8×5; it has been slow progress.  Not exactly an uphill struggle but suffice to say; yesterday the little ‘darling’ was nearly wrapped around the pear tree that grows at the end of my garden and the squirrel that was pillaging the bird seed splattered against the fence. Fortunately , the press is safe and sound, the squirrel, the devil lives to try his luck today.

While I am left with issues,  that kept me awake half the night and thinking today, I will simply start again.

It is strange though as last week I was on my way and ready to begin an edition,  then it goes awry and I have to rethink.

So while I have an edition to consider I do enjoy the happy accidents, or in this case the piece of paper that I overlaid a few times while working out; right and left, right and wrong and still getting it upside down, inside out and then there’s the pressure … oh dear I think I will go back to the drawing board …. there is one thing more almost as complicated than locking a chase and that is changing the duvet cover!


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