Not the rules of love …

This weekend I  visited the the Chawton House Library which is the home of early English women’s writing in Hampshire.  This must be Hampshire’s best kept secret, while I am Hampshire born and bred I have never been before, but will return again.  It is a beautiful house; the home of Jane Austen  in an lovely historic estate.  It came to my attention in the Printmaking Today as the place to see the work of Angela Thames; the artist in residence.  Angela had researched a selection of rare and first edition books to create a unique body of artists books and prints. Her work was inspired by authors of the eighteenth century including Alphra Behn, Mary Hearn and Ann Mary Hamilton.    I understand she had various workshops; but her  exhibition was a delight and gave me lots of ideas and after a long chat I felt encouraged to continue in my bid to add book making to my ‘must’ do list.

One work I enjoyed was The rules of love … adapted from La Montre by Aphra Behn 1686.

It is a fan book that has all the rules of love, that Iris gave her lover Damon including every half hour when he should sigh.  It is a intriguing work and I bought one …

But more important went home to do my interpretation; certainly not anything to do with love, more to with making good use recent disaster!



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