Some happy events from nelabligh at no press …

Lots going on in the land of nelabligh at no press …

First, I have a workshop at the London Centre of Book Arts to learn the art of letterpress on Sunday. This weekend I worked on some wood engravings and some type high lino cuts that I will be able to use, I hope, in the practices.

Then, this weekend I attended my first branch meeting of the British Printing Society, where I placed an order for a printing press.

This proved to be a wonderful experience, even the journey to and fro was quite lovely.  While I am not a person that waxes lyrical about the beautiful countryside; you’ve seen one hedge row you’ve seen them all. Nonetheless, the ‘scenic’ route on a summer’s afternoon was nice.  Then to sit in a garden for a couple of hours to the music of  idle chat of printing presses and summer holidays, past and to come, was almost perfect … and then to strike a deal on press was the icing on the cake.

Now, I have to ensure I have some sessions about the press itself and its maintenance; so St Brides here I come!

Like I said,  lots going on; no concrete evidence yet; except some images of work in progress.

Also, I almost forgot … my bike is now fitted with containers to ensure safe delivery of my art materials to art classes and exhibitions.


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