And so on …

Last week I bought a few more items for my studio; tools for my new career.  I also began thinking about works to take me to the end and of the summer break.  

First, I visited Roy at Caslon’s Ltd. and bought some fount and trays.  I was also able to look around the foundary and look at some new and reconditioned Adanas.  I will probably go for a old press, the new ones although very beautiful are still very costly … and as I am still not familiar with this type of press and also green about the whole business it would be foolish to do otherwise. Nonetheless, it was very exciting and a joy to get encouragement for such an iconic figure of the letterpress industry.

At the end of August I am going to have another ‘introduction to letterpess printing, while I have had one already I don’t think another would be such a bad thing.  In fact any introduction at this stage must only be good! So with the experience of my first session with Nick Birchall still fresh I already have a bit of a plan.  

Later in the year I have a book launch; the book is complete but there is scope for some marketing products and maybe giveaways.  So this weekend I have been doing some drawings and beginning some lino cuts and a wood engraving … early days but feels like a plan.


One thought on “And so on …

  1. Best of luck. There must be some type gathering dust somewhere. I worked at an in house printer. Seven my six year apprenticeship in Compositor work and then trained up on heidelberg but before that a Cropper platen and an Arab. No one to take over when I retired twenty years ago so I imagine all was scrapped. If only.

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