At the weekend …

Wild Flowers ; Queen Elizabeth Olympic ParkOn my journey to learning about type setting and the buying of equipment was a step up this weekend.  I booked another typesetting lesson at the London Centre of Book Arts in Fish Island, Hackney Wick.  At first it appeared to be a ‘long way away,’ in the impenetrable East End of London beyond even the notorious Olympic Park. When I learned that there was to be a an Open weekend at the centre I took the opportunity to do a reconnoiter the place and it proximity to the tube and watering holes.  So without strict time limits, we took a leisurely pace to Stratford  (London) via Paddington and Notting Hill Gate  on the Central Line. From the final station we followed the directions to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Forgive me for not waxing lyrical but the so called legacy of the recent Olympic Games; but as a means to an end, i.e. my getting to Fish Island it was OK but as a site worth seeing it was not nice.   With the elegance of a concrete jungle, cold and manufactured, that is probably mirrored in each city touched by Olympian mania and to the cost to local communities that were cleansed conveniently from sight.  

Having said that the wildflowers were amazing; and worth a visit!

Having escaped the park we found our way to the land untouched by the ‘mania;’ Dace Road with its more familiar architecture, no less ugly for sure, but improved with age, urban grace and and icing of graffiti.

Having reached my destination without difficulty and in a timely fashion I was pleased.   

The open day was a delight, with attentive advocates of book arts, handouts, a shop and opportunities to see working presses … I was happy and now looking forward to my workshop later in the month.  


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