On yer bike …


I began posting to this blog with just a few images from my recent work, when I was not considering art as a career; I was serious, but really thought art would just remain nice to do.  However, I am now looking forward to finishing paid employment at the University and setting up a Press in my home in 2017. I am beginning to make plans and already accumulated a lot of tools and making space for the resultant works.  In a good way this has become a bit problematic and ensuring the limited space is comfortably arranged with my ‘home’ is going to be a work in progress until I finally ‘finish’ full time paid employment.

Meanwhile; while setting up the Press is exciting … I have even thought of a name ‘nelablighnopress.’ However, there is another exciting concern, vaguely linked to the project; it is my transport.  I do drive, but don’t have the use a car at all times … almost hardly ever.  I do cycle; and use my bike to transport art supplies to and from art classes and exhibitions locally. I have been seriously thinking about adapting  it to carry more; it will be costly but it would seem doable. Since being in Brazil I have seen bikes used in all sorts transportation; goods, very large and often awkward shapes on bikes of all designs suited to the need; I assume not too expensive, the equivalent in this country would trendy and with cost out of my bracket.  I could perhaps buy an old butcher’s bike but the storage of such a beast would be difficult … already my bike is taken through the house to the back yard.  

So there is lot to think about before I even get a Press … the bike is causing some sleepless nights.  


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